Airfield, apron, and taxiway design for RAF Hullavington

Hullavington Airfield is a former RAF station, originally opened in 1937, which was acquired by the current owner in 2016. Fjori worked closely with engineers Buro Happold and architects Gebler Tooth on the designs for a new hanger and associated apron and taxiway, an extension to the existing runway with the provision of new runway lighting, and the erection of new airfield fencing. The use of the runway will be restricted to private flights solely associated with the client’s interests and wider use of the airfield. The existing runway pavements date from the second world war. Fjori developed a detailed ground and materials investigation to determine the suitability of the existing runway and taxiway for reuse. Additionally, we assessed the existing geometry of the runway and taxiway, and proposed alterations in the form of runway extensions to ensure the runway was fit for the client’s aircraft. As part of the pavement build-up design, Fjori incorporated the reuse of site won materials to reduce import costs. The team also designed green infrastructure to drain the airfield pavements in a manner that treated runoff and resulted in no negative pollution in downstream watercourses.

Reference available on request

Key Project Details

• Runway extension, taxiway, helipad, hangar apron and EASA compliance planning

• Aligning the PCN and PCI data results to potential business case scenarios

• Development of cost estimates for maintenance and refurbishment options

• Generation of maximum potential declared distance layouts, based on obstacle analysis, to provide additional information on runway capability

• Preparation of masterplan layouts with zoning for aeronautical and nonaeronautical uses, including safeguarding of runway operations

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