Pavement Condition Index surveys for Edinburgh Airport

Pavement Condition Index surveys for Edinburgh Airport

In October 2012 Fjori was commissioned to provide an updated PCI survey, with a focus on specific areas, particularly the apron stands which were showing signs of advanced deterioration. The adoption, where appropriate, of equivalent segmentation of the airfield permitted a review of changes to the PCI over the interim period, and served to highlight areas where the PCI had reduced at a faster than usual rate, indicating that special maintenance measure were required. Within Fjori’s report at each branch level an overview of the maintenance requirements and structural conditions was provided The brief provided by the client did not require a ‘full sample survey’ (eg. 100% coverage). Our inspection therefore adopted a statistically significant number of sample areas as permitted by the ASTM. Where the airport required a greater focus, an increased level of sampling was applied.

Reference available on request

Key Project Details

• The project included a full PCI evaluation of the existing airfield movement area pavements

• Included maintenance options

• All designs are ICAO/EASA compliant

• PCI carried out in accordance with AC 150/5320-16, and ASTM D5340

• Use of MicroPAVER software

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