Airport viability studies at former Plymouth City Airport

After the closure of Plymouth City Airport in 2010 by leaseholders Sutton Harbour Group Plc (SHG), Fjori was employed by SHG to provide an independent assessment of the viability of the airport providing commercial flights in support of its objection to the local authority owners mothballing of the whole site, rather than permitting development for housing and businesses. Fjori utilized the existing evidence base that had already been prepared by third part organizations wishing to maintain airport operations collected as part of the original decision to close the airport. Fjori tested a number of operational scenarios, including General Aviation operations only, use by 50-seat aircraft and use by 100- seat aircraft. None of the scenarios suggested that the airport could ever be financially sustainable without public subsidy. Fjori also reviewed emerging plans for housing and commercial facilities should a proportion of the aviation activity remain at the airport.

Reference available on request

Key Project Details

• Development of major engineering and operational study report to evaluate costs and viability of continued commercial operations at the airport;

• Runway length and aircraft performance analysis, including range analysis to inform potential routes and destinations;

• Provision of planning witness statements;

• Attendance at Public Inquiry;

• Review of air services in region.


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