Response to the Covid-19 crisis

Response to the Covid-19 crisis

The outbreak of Covid-19 has had considerable impact on individuals, families and businesses across the globe. Here at Fjori, the way we already operate means that we have the flexibility and digital organisation to continue business as usual during this global pandemic while protecting staff, customers and key workers. We were able to be one of the first companies in the industry to take the right steps in responding to this crisis.

In order to protect our staff and the general public, our team has been working from home since the beginning of March. However, this has had negligible impact on our work, as Fjori is fully adapted to remote work, both through our secure cloud-based storage, virtual meeting and file sharing solutions, and our flexible working conditions policy. At Fjori, it is very important to us that our team chooses when they work, and where they work, as we believe that everyone has a unique workstyle.

Our team understands the difficulties that this pandemic has presented both to organisations and society, therefore we aim to remain as flexible as possible in providing our services and make the necessary accommodations for any difficulties our clients and partners are facing. Despite the minimal impact Covid-19 has had on our team, we are absolutely committed to taking this pandemic seriously by following government guidance on how we should best protect ourselves and our associates.

We also wanted to do our part in helping the NHS cope with the impact of Covid-19, so we have made a donation to Iconic Engineering Solutions in Grantham, who are carrying out brilliant work in designing and producing specialist face shields for those that need them.

We hope that everyone stays safe and does their best to support one another during this difficult time.